Monday, February 16, 2009

Minor League Golf

I had my best tournament finish of 2009 on the Minor League Golf Tour today as I shot -5, 67 for a t-2 finish, beating multiple Nationwide Tour players. I am consistently shooting well under par again. Last week I posted -8 on John's Island West course; the course record by three shots on a course many tour players have visited. I played with the pro there, a Bristol, NH native and friend I grew up playing with at Laconia CC, Patrick Berry. He has been instrumental in creating the amazing opportunity for me to practice at John's Island and loaned me a driver that is keeping me in the fairway. I attribute my recent improvement to his generosity.

I am scheduled to play Thursday and Friday competitively. Check back for continued success as I take these low scores to the bigger professional forums of the world. 2009 is off to a great start!

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B.Konrad said...

All right Mark!!!

Off to a good start that what we like to hear buddy. A new driver I see has let you with nice fairway lies.

Let me know you need a new putter for the greens and I will dust off and loan you the old Billy Baroo.

Good Luck,