Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maine Open

After a round of -7, 65 and a second place finish in a one day event filled with 32 of the northeast's best pros, I entered the first round of the Maine Open today high on confidence. Three straight weeks of rain bombarded Riverside GC in Portlantd, Maine leaving it nearly flooded for the opening round. I struggled adjusting to the very slow green speeds and finished with a round of 69, leaving me tied for 12th out of the 162 player field. With the leader at 65, four shots ahead and one round to play, I plan to play an aggressive round tomorrow and making a charge at the lead early. I have two consecutive 2nd place finishes and believe my time to win is imminent. Check back late tomorrow night for final results as I do not begin my ascent up the leaderboard until 1:41 pm.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Johnny Walker Tour

I finished tied for second place this week on the Johnny Walker Tour with scores of 73-68. I made two bogeys in my last four holes that cost be the chance to contend for the win. Despite that, my second round was an improvement on my play for the last three weeks. This road to winning on the PGA Tour is long and treacherous. It will take tenacity and patience to complete the mission. It took Einstein thousands of "failures" to create the light bulb. It took Bill Gates 10,000 hours of computer tinkering before he was founded Microsoft. A great friends recently informed me it took Odysseus years to return home from the Trojan War. He overcame obstacle, adversity and constant challenge before returning to his land. Great accomplishment comes from the virtue of motivated patience and love: this is vehicle that will take me to the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moving Forward

I shot rounds of 73-75 in my Sectional US Open qualifier, leaving me in the middle of the pack. My heart was set on making this the year of my first major. Unfortunately, the stars were not aligned properly and neither was my golf swing. I spent the day battling missed shots and deep rough en route toward the disappointing finish.

I am back on the road in Newport, RI this week for a Johnny Walker Tour event. The tournament is a 36 hole competition on Monday and Tuesday. I believe my hard work coupled with patience and desire will yield great success. This could be the week that yields a new era in my career; one in which I challenge myself on a weekly basis and play without fear, only feeling of enjoyment and visions of success.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

US Open

Following a disappointing finish at the Cape Cod Open, I'm in Purchase, NY for the sectional US Open qualifier (final qualifier before the Open). I've made some adjustments in my swing to prepare for Monday's 36 hole battle and believe the Cape Cod Open gave me a learning opportunity to correct mistakes that I would have made in the US Open qualifier. This gives me a better chance for success come Monday. The event is contested on Century CC and Old Oaks CC, two traditional northeast layouts in immaculate condition.The green speed will be at US Open rates with enough break to make some putts comical. Hitting the ball on the low side of the hole and putting extremely well are crucial to a successful qualifier.

I play my final practice round today at Old Oaks CC and begin my final quest for a spot in the 2009 Open at 7:45 am.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cape Cod Open Round 1

A trip around the course in 74 strokes on a cool, damp day with gentle breezes, left me determined: determined that I would not let a bad score dishearten me; determined that I would not allow a few poor iron shots to dictate my confidence and resolve; determined that a few more missed birdie efforts than usual would not deter me from wanting to make more; most importantly, determined that I would not let my score at the halfway mark of the 36 hole Cape Cod Open, leave me feeling that a victory was impossible. The leader is 7 ahead of me at 67 and I have never overcome such a defect, moving onward to a victory.

I guess this will have to be a day of firsts.

Monday, June 1, 2009

To The Big Show

This coming week I am playing in the Cape Cod Open on Wednesday and Thursday. It is a 36 hole event contested on Old Barnstable CC and Hyannis Golf Club. This event is a great money making opportunity and additionally, simulation practice for the US Open qualifier on June 8 in Purchase, NY. I've been playing well for the last week and a half at home and am excited for these coming events.

The US Open qualifier is typically held on comparable course conditions to the US Open itself. This year, the Open is held at Bethpage Black Course, which became the first truly public venue to ever host the championship in 2002. Having walked the grounds during the previous Open, I am excited to experience the course inside the ropes and get my first shot at a major championship. As much as I'm looking forward to the qualifier, I am working productively and focusing on what I can do to improve every day.

More to come, much more...