Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moving Forward

I shot rounds of 73-75 in my Sectional US Open qualifier, leaving me in the middle of the pack. My heart was set on making this the year of my first major. Unfortunately, the stars were not aligned properly and neither was my golf swing. I spent the day battling missed shots and deep rough en route toward the disappointing finish.

I am back on the road in Newport, RI this week for a Johnny Walker Tour event. The tournament is a 36 hole competition on Monday and Tuesday. I believe my hard work coupled with patience and desire will yield great success. This could be the week that yields a new era in my career; one in which I challenge myself on a weekly basis and play without fear, only feeling of enjoyment and visions of success.

1 comment:

B.Konrad said...

Mark, sorry to read about this last match/event/tournement.

Just keep at it buddy. I hope the last 36 holes on Monday and Tuesday went well.

Looking forward to your next post.