Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cape Cod Open Round 1

A trip around the course in 74 strokes on a cool, damp day with gentle breezes, left me determined: determined that I would not let a bad score dishearten me; determined that I would not allow a few poor iron shots to dictate my confidence and resolve; determined that a few more missed birdie efforts than usual would not deter me from wanting to make more; most importantly, determined that I would not let my score at the halfway mark of the 36 hole Cape Cod Open, leave me feeling that a victory was impossible. The leader is 7 ahead of me at 67 and I have never overcome such a defect, moving onward to a victory.

I guess this will have to be a day of firsts.

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B.Konrad said...

Mark, of all people, you know that in most sports with the exception of hockey, its a game of runs, and momentum.

Anything can happen, way to keep your head high, your mind focused, and bringing that positive attitude.

I hope to your second round went well and good luck in NY.