Monday, November 2, 2009

The Journey Continues

I've frequently received the same question lately: "why aren't you at Q-School?" An update on the Mark Baldwin golf journey...

I'm in Birmingham, AL making some swing changes with my coach that will make me a long term, consistent and successful player. After some great advice, I decided the time to risk who I was today for who I could become tomorrow, had come. We've been working on these changes for a couple months now and I am beginning to see the the light at the end of the tunnel. I played a round where I hit 18 greens in regulation this week and I am planning a competition trip to Florida this month. When all goes well, I will up the anti.

I've never been more committed to and faithful about the successful outcome of this journey. These minor breaks in competition are essential to improve the areas that have lacked in the last year and a half. This will be an exciting year and I look forward to breaking through on the BIG Tour.

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B.Konrad said...

Mark, good to have an update on your life and times. I have to ask.. Did you dress up as Happy Gilmore for Halloween or Carl the greens keepter????

I know you certainly have been working hard, and its nice to hear that time off has helped.

Good luck with your upcoming events, and i have not forgot about the DVD. Just have to figure out the pay pal thing.

Take care