Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Toast

My New Years toast for everyone:

The decade is over and I raise my glass,
to a fresh do-over filled with success and class,
but first we must pay our respects,
for fallen idols to be politically correct,

Walter Cronkite and Ted Kennedy,
Michael Jackson's moonwalk inspired me,
Heath Ledger awed us with the Joker's wild craze,
a tragic introduction to al-qaeda left towers ablaze,

While Bush and Agassi said farewell,
Michael Phelps swam Beijing on a mission from hell,
The Chinese bought America's excessive debt,
we fell in love with a new president's cuddly pets,

While Jon Stewart rewrote the news,
Hurricaine Katrina had New Orleans singin' the blues,
Curt Schilling snapped the curse and bloodied a sock,
Boss Brice Springstein continued playing inspired rock,

While it seems the decade of financial loss,
we better understand greed and excessive cost,
What's most important to our resolutions and now we can see,
in 2010 surround yourself with the love and care of friends and family.

Happy New Year!

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