Friday, February 29, 2008

In Need of a Few Good Meals

My apologies for not staying current on the blog. I've been very sick this week with some stomach troubles and been trying to remedy that. I should be out of the woods now for a while (wood knocking) as I returned from a hospital today and was cleared of a wide range of scary possibilities. I've got the Oprah weight plan going: just allow it to fluxtuate...alot, and am down a few dress sizes. As soon as I'm up to it, I'll spend the next few weeks back in the gym trying to gain some weight back again before I leave for my Shanghai event. Before leaving the states, I definetly did not envision having the frequency of health issues I've faced since my arrival last October. There is a very wide range of food sanitation over here and for a sensitive foreign stomach, it only takes one bad instance to ruin a few weeks. It seems that to be successful here, I am going to have to become extra cautious with my food selections and diet. I am thankful my illnesses havent been too serious, or taken place over an extreamly inconvenient time period. There are many great places to eat here and I just have to find more of the places with the cleaner food. I'm going to continue searching and improving and start winning in the comming month. I'm more excited than ever as the Shanghai event aproaches, the winning share is $80k, which should buy me a few good meals.

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