Sunday, February 17, 2008

Road Maps

If I could create a hierarchy of support I have received since I was a smaller, long-haired, strong-gripping, golf marathoner, we may be able to build another pyramid. Whether a person helped in a subtle or monumental way, it all contributed in some degree to where I am now. Maybe it is because I am a tall, "golden haired," professional golfer that I have been given so much help since arriving on far-eastern soil, or maybe it is because I look humerously different, but despite reasons, I have been given tremendous aid everywhere I have gone here by complete strangers.

In Singapore, there was Mr. Wong to provide medicine, guidance and transportation. In Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Lou saved me a 30 minute walk with a golf bag on my shoulders in the middle of the nowhere when I got lost and introduced me to the golfing community. On Borneo, when I found myself stranded an hour and a half from the nearest village, a stranger drove me forty minutes out of the way, through the jungle, to the nearest local motel. Here in Taipei, the friendship of Mr. Kuo got my foot in the door at the best golf course and resort in Taiwan. Now after help through numerous channels, I have a free place to live and improve my golf game.

This post isnt soley about me, it is more about people in need. In all these siutations mentioned above, I found myself with an obsticle to hurdle and no running shoes to jump in. As if straight out of Edgar Allan Poe, strangers appeared and helped. Now, I have been asked directions before by tourists and given them to the best of my knowledge. I have also given a half-assed effort in the same situation, which most likely led these people in need to seek further assistance. No one can get to an important destination without help in some form. I hope I am able to tell a tourist someday that I won't tell them where to go, I will take them there. I hope that I am able to provide someone the same sized shoes, all my supporters have given me to jump those hurdles.

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