Sunday, March 23, 2008

Final Round KEB

The wind HOWLED today...To illustrate: on two parallel 440 yard holes, one played into the wind and the other down. On the hole playing into the wind, I hit a full, solid driver to 177 from the front edge of the green and proceeded to bash a low flighted 3 iron, coming up short by two yards. On the following hole, I hit the same drive to 51 yards from the front edge of the green.

On my first hole of the day I was left with a 133 yard approach shot straight into the gail. I stood over the ball with a 7-iron and as the gusts nearly blew me over, I changed to a 6. From this distance into a light breeze I would normally hit a low-flighted 9 iron...this was before the wind was even near its peak! The scariest part of today was standing over putts positioned on slight slopes and hoping you didn’t look down at the ball to find it blowing away.

I finished with another disappointing round of 76 today. My first paycheck from the tour wont quite cover my week's expenses but I suppose after the struggles my game has experienced in the last three days, I should feel fortunate I made a check at all. The best news of my week was finding out today I was invited to next month's SK Telecom Open -- a co-sanctioned event between the Korean and Asian Tours that KJ Choi, Jim Furyk and Chris Riley played in last year.

I'll head back to Taipei tomorrow and spend the week grinding down the glitches in my game. I leave for Tottori, Japan this coming Sunday for the next Korean Tour tourney. I'll reflect further in the coming week. Tonight, I am tired from a week of too many strokes and too few smiles. No worries, fewer strokes and more smiles are imminent.

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