Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Dead End Road

Knowing I had to play a great round to have a chance to qualify, I went out with great expectations and intentions. After a poor start of a double bogey and two bogeys, I put my comeback hat on and went to work. 9 holes later, it was obvious today wouldn't be my day and this year wouldn't be my year and overwhelming disappointment hit me. It festered inside of me and I let myself down by allowing that extremely disheartening feeling to overtake my desire to enjoy the end of the round. I truly believed this was my year to conquer the world of golf and those intentions have not come to fruition.

I'll be back and better than ever in the near future. Thank you for all your support and love this year. An early Happy Holidays to all.


John Mitchell said...

Hey Mark: Hang in there, you will make it and be a better person for waiting. Stop in and see us in Aiken, SC sometime. John.

B.Konrad said...


Keep your head high and your mind clear. Like many I remember your golf career way back when in middle school, and there have always been up and downs over the 10 years. I don't know what you have for tournements in the future, but those should be your new focus. You will bounce back better then ever. Keep up your hard work and good luck.


Topher said...
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Topher said...

Keep your chin up, head high, all those cliches brotha! You know you have the ability to be at the top and so does everyone else! Your day will come without question, look out golf world when you put it together, get your card, and start crushing. Hope all is well, talk soon.


ledz said...

hi Mark,

you should work hard and I do believe that you can make have the passion and skills in golf, just believe in yourself...gudluck!!