Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year, New Level of Success

Happy New Year everyone! I fully plan on making this the best of my life on and off the course. Since being back in the states, I've gained some propelling incite through reflecting on the past year. I'll go through various thoughts in the coming week and describe how I will incorporate them into my new approach to success.

At this time last year, I had just finished Asian Tour School, was living in Taiwan, taking a 20 minute bus ride to an hour and a half train journey, to a 10 minute cab adventure destined for a golf course. I pondered ways to improve and visualized a highly successful year every day. Undoubtedly, 2008 yielded the greatest and most eclectic, adventurous year of my life. I lived in Malaysia and Taiwan, played in 9 countries, experienced more diversity in a day than I had previously in my life, got lost in Japan without any Yen, became a friend of the South Korean "family," and learned foreign languages and customs on a weekly basis. More importantly, I know I can build a rapport with almost anyone and survive in exotic, challenging conditions. Out of this comes confidence and appreciation. Confidence that fuels a higher existence and desire to be elite and a deep appreciation for the gifts I have in my life.

We all become nostalgic and in reliving the past, realize how quickly defining moments and amazing experiences elapse. My life is Asia was so spontaneous and energetic, I couldn't fathom what the future might bring. I recently read a Rolling Stone article about the lead guitar player of AC/DC who was asked what he thought of when he was on stage. His response was something to the effect of "its almost sad how quickly I'm off once the show begins. I lose my mind out there and the last thought I can describe to you is the final thought before I take the stage. God knows where my mind is in between."

The first thing I thought when reading this was how it applies to athletes when they are "in the zone." Most rely on their genius; their instincts which are so in tune with the Universe's flow, they become psychic. The game slows down and they are able to dictate what happens in their own time. Their post game interviews parallel what the lead guitarist noted, "God knows where their brain was." This is the higher living and spiritual golf I aspire to on a more consistent basis. When you're living in the moment, life moves at a different speed. When all your energy is focused on one moment, it can feel prolonged and make the experience amazing. When that time ends and reflection begins, that moment seemed to fly. In these instances, you can live without regret. You were truly alive, feeling every nuance of the moment, flooding every sense. I am so appreciative of the opportunities behind me and before me and know that striving for this higher form of living in 2009 will lead to lower scores and a better life.

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