Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Jupiter Open

On a day that began at 27 degrees with a 30 mph wind (yes, I was in Jupiter, not on it), my frozen hands teed up an icy golf ball. After a battle with the bitter cold, I roared back on the final nine with a -3, 33. I finished at +1, 73 and another 7th place finish on the Minor League Golf Tour.

It has been a very productive week as I've begun a new training routine. The routine is iron-manesque with 6 am wake ups, 8 hours spent between course and practice areas, 1 hour mental routine and my final hour spent in the gym. There is no way around the necessity to outwork the competition. There are too many skilled players and while I have always worked productively, I have not done so in long enough increments. I have already seen improvement in my scoring after a week of this routine. As this trend continues, imagine the possibilities after a season of work...2010 PGA Tour, I'm coming after you.


B.Konrad said...


Good job in your lastest mini tournemnt under not ideal golfing conditions. Glad that you feel your new workouts/routine is helping.

Mark, from you entry it is my understanding that these mini tourny's are only 1 round of golf. Is that true??

Take Care and good luck,

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