Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zen Journey

Zen under the Buddhist umbrella has a spiritual aim. When applying the Zen principles to daily life without intentionally seeking spiritual guidance, it will enhance your life and sharpen your focus. Simplified, Zen is synonymous with mindfulness. Zen allows you to live every moment to its full potential by focusing on what your senses perceive. By concentrating on how something feels (the breeze on your nose), all worries of future and past diminish. In a Zen state, you are taking advantage of the simple amenities offered to you in that moment. It is relaxing, energizing and helps you make the most of your daily directives.

On the golf course, focusing on the feeling of the moving soil underneath your strides can remove anxiety from bad shots or thoughts of future scores. Searching your body and focusing on how a grip feels in your fingers instead of what swing plane you are using today, will quiet your mind, making you less result oriented. The less result oriented you become, the more relaxed you feel because the constant flow of hypothetical thoughts, subsides. This relaxation will inevitably lead to clearer focus, a better tempo, better shots and a great journey around the course regardless of outcome.

Label this strategy whatever you like, but place enjoying your day as highest priority and take advantage of the simple pleasures around you.

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