Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recent Results and Future Plans

Since my victory on the Minor League Tour, I have finished 4th and 5th in two, one day events with scores of 69 and 72. I have elevated my skills, decision making and goals in the past month. I was planning on taking on Canadian Tour Q-School this week, but as the expense outweighs the benefit currently and I am playing well, I will make the 12 hour drive to Lafayette, LA for a Nationwide Tour qualifier.

The qualifier takes place on Monday at two separate sites. The 7 low scores from each site advance to the tournament. A top-25 finish in the tournament gets an exemption into the following week's event and a win gets an exemption on tour for the year. I am gearing my efforts toward the latter effort.

The most important aspect of improving is realizing poor performance can yield motivation and information if perceived properly. My bad days and rounds are necessary contributions to this process. Handling these days with grace and viewing them as challenges, is going to improve scores and keep me competitive during adverse golf situations. I've proven I can shoot low scores on good days, turning a round of 73-75 into 70-71 is crucial to compete at the next level. As golf has battered my emotions around from Kota Kinabulu to California, I am less distracted in a negative way by these obstacles. That clarity alone is a big leap toward hurdling these barriers.

I am ready for the next level of success and looking forward to achieving it very soon. This is the challenge and I am excited for coming opportunities to make dreams reality.

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Kyle said...

Good Luck Man.