Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Close

I played confidently and relaxed throughout most of my tournament experience and hit an array of high quality shots. I ended up missing the cut by one stroke finishing at even par after scores of 69-73. After a double bogey on the last hole, I was left disheartened and extremely disappointed. There are far more positives to take from the week than disappointments and I need to use this as fuel for my coming weeks. I can't wait to for my next opportunity. The most important lesson of the week came when I was tied for 13th after 26 holes of play. I thought: I belong out here. I will have the chance to win out here. My game continues to improve and my results are dictating that I am closer to my goals than ever before. This is encouraging and I will find the success that I so highly coveted this week, imminently. Thanks again for all the support and I will be back in a similar position with a better result soon!

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B.Konrad said...


This last month has been quite a trip for you for you. I know the end result is not ideal, but congrates is still in order.

On a funny note, I played golf this weekend for the first time a over a year. (I know bad right) I think the last time I hit golf ball my have been with you at the driving range.

Well I did ok for me, I think I shot a 54 for 9. not to bad. I think that score might be enough to beat you if you were only allowed to play me with your loft wedge. Well I will throw in the putter too.