Friday, April 10, 2009

Coming Attractions

This week I played multiple Minor League Tour events in south Florida where I posted a few less than noteworthy performances. I made an eagle in each round and I've been beating the fields in my par 5 scoring. My ball striking has been steadily improving and I've been encouraged by my daily, overall potential to shoot low scores. My short game, which has been the dominant facet of my game for months, let me down this week, but I know that is where the disappointment ends.

I have a new found craving to compete since playing the Nationwide Louisiana Open. It's becoming an insatiable addiction and I have set lofty goals for myself for 2009. I believe they are realistic if I continue to dedicate all my energy toward this endeavor. One of these goals includes winning a Nationwide Tour event, an opportunity that will present itself soon enough as I plan to make the venture to the Nationwide South Georgia Classic the week after next.

Check back this week for stories of triumph on the south Florida mini-tour circuit. Until then, enjoy the greatest week in pro golf: Masters week.

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