Sunday, November 11, 2007

After I placed my clubs in the cab's trunk yesterday I looked up at the sky; behind the cab was partially cloudy with sun shinning through, the sky ahead ominous- black, as if night had set in. As I got in the car and drive towards the darkness the cabbie said, "I dont think you picked the right time to go golfing, my friend." "Haven't you heard, it never rains on a golf course. My dad swore by that law," I replied. He laughed, "...monsoon season here in Malaysia for the next few months. Be careful out there, the wind will take you with it!"

The storm couldn't have been more on cue. Following his forecast, the clouds decended upon the highways and opened up, revealing a wind that could have carried a golf ball farther than any shot in Malaysian golf history and a rain that could make a seeing-eye dog, blind. This storm would have made Santa turn his sliegh around and go weeping like a little school-girl, to Mrs. Clause. I needed a row boat to make it into my appartment later to mop up the floor...all part of the Asian experiance.

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