Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Official Word is...

I do some observing and analysis on this blog, but its main purpose is to keep my friends, family and supporters current on my weekly happenings in the golf world. The recent update from the Asian Tour is I will be playing in a field consisting of 156 players, divided on two courses, for spots equal to 15% of the field (somewhere around 11 spots). I will be competing at Borneo GC for my first stage.

The following week holds the second stage where there will be again a full field spread out over two courses for 40 tour cards. Out of the two 1st stage venues, Borneo is the more challenging; a Jack Nicklaus design that measures about 7300 yards from the back tees.

As fate would have it, playing a longer, more difficult course is an advantage for a player like me whose strength lies in driving and putting. That advantage combine with all the productive prep work I've been putting in on the practice area should be a large initial stride towards a successful result.

Stage 1 commences December 5 and I will be ready to start the first day of the rest of my life as a successful Asian Tour golfer.


Eric said...

Marky B,

Are there two courses, each having 156 spots or 78 spots at each. Keep the grind going bud. Just think, I am currently sitting in a cubicle looking a an Excel spreadsheet and a PDF document. I'm living vicariously through you to say the least.

James said...

Good luck next week, Marky B. Just like life is one day at a time, play your round one shot at a time...and have some fun out there. I know you will. If it isn't going to plan, you can always break out the, "I'm kind of a big deal" line. Best, Coach

Scott said...

Marky, I enjoyed the pictures of Kuala Lampur. Very beautiful place.