Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dawn of a New Era

Things were going fine today. I pared my first 8 holes before a run-in with Mr. Three Putt on the ninth hole. I surged back with a birdie on 10 and pared 11. The 12 is the hardest hole on the course and I took an aggressive driving line that I did not commit to prior to the swing (huge mistake). I blocked the shot way right into trouble. On the next hole, water lurked just off the fairway to the right and the bouncer at the door to my mind, gave Mr. Fear a VIP card. By the time I got myself back to the present moment, I had carved two shots o.b.

My scorecard did some heavy lifting again today as there were some big numbers to weigh it down. I breathed away the tension, enjoyed the last oppotunities of the journey and played the rest of the holes at even par for a total of +7, 79. I am encouraged by some very solid shots and saves I made today. With as much disregard for my past results and current standing as I can have, I am going to put this to the universe here and now: tomorrow, I AM going to have the best day of my life! I AM going to shoot the best score of my life. This moment is the first of an endevour to live every moment in the present and take advantage of the greatest potential of all: to make each day the best of my life! From this moment forward, I AM the fearless, golf ball-slinging stud from the Granite State.

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