Friday, May 16, 2008

Lakehills Open

The past few weeks have been great; refreshing, rejuvenating and all the other adjectives that the teeth whitening commercials use. I've improved my short game, analyzed recent results and prepared new strategy. My swing remains inconsistent, but I am very confident its on the right track to hit a new high in the coming week. An updated course management strategy I will employ at the next event will take some pressure off my swing, allow me to utilize my length advantage while beating the Korean players at their own game of "short and straight." Ultimately and most importantly, being successful playing this style of golf will yield great improvement.

This Monday I will head to Pusan, Korea for the Lakehills Open. I will follow that with a week in Seoul for the Asiana Kumho Tournament at Asiana CC-- a famously diabolical course with the fastest greens on tour. They are two extremely important weeks from a financial outlook and a breakthrough into the winner's circle couldn't come at a more convenient time. As the week progresses, look for the usual updates with lower scores included.

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