Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Film Major's Golfing Analysis

I awoke this morning to a healthier self. It seemed I had won the night battle with the sinus infection that has weighed my head down for the last week. I went my first adventure with Asiana C.C.. Ski resorts surround the course. Pictures of the course covered in snow are hung on the walls of the locker room. The connection between the 7th green and 8th tee is made on a Gondola. The driving range tee box is so highly set above the landing area, I could hit a 4 iron to the 300 yard sign. The mountain air lends itself freshly to this spectacular venue. The greens are slick as a great scam artist; one second your prized golf ball is in front of you, and with slight nonchalance, the next you are waving goodbye to it as it speeds away. Their massive slopes made me question whether they were built over elephant graveyards. Being on the wrong side of the hole this week will cost players thousands of dollars. The tee shots are narrow, but relative to last week's tournament site, it felt like there were vast oceans of grass to play into. The game will be won this week from the approach into the hole.

As a result of watching The Empire Strikes Back last night, I am very happy to report, today was the best I played in months. A strange inspiration although, I was a film major. Allow me elaborate. Today, I was very relaxed and hit the ball extreamly solid. I didnt give into the 'dark side of the force'; the fear and anger. After watching the film, it occured to me that the jedi (the ultimate controller of mind and power) is able to thrive because of blatent disregard of fear. The force cannot flow through you if you are afriad. Fear is its greatest inhibitor. George Lucus is a genius! There has been a tension that has arisen in the past few events. It's emanated out of concern for standing, well-being and finances. All of it has taken the flow out of my game. My swing isnt strong with 'the force' due to this tension.

One of my friends on the tour asked me if I thought I would hit the ball out of bounds, if I didnt know it existed. It occurs to me now as it did when I first made the trip to Asia: I am here to rid myself of all fears and worries. I am here to redefine myself as someone without fear; a player who may not know the exact outcome, but does know he will succeed under any circumstance. That ideal has been lost in the past month along with the definition of me as an "ecclectic person and great golfer." My life and self definition has become far too connected to the scores I shoot on the course. I need to continue my transformation toward a completely fearless golfer and revert back to knowing myself as having many interests and talents. These affirmations will make golf more fun and change the numbers on the scoreboard from black to red.

May the force be with you, always.

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