Friday, June 6, 2008

Coming Home and Finding My Essence

Whew! What a week! I've spent every second of it walking, talking, acting and swinging as though I won my last tournament and will win my next. Golf is getting easier. Thank you Universe!! It has been a challenging few months since beginning my quest for Korean Tour glory. What I began to uncover in the last event was the tension that escalates over every shot in competition. It is partially due to narrower golf courses riddled with white o.b. pegs everywhere and technique that has been sub-standard, but to be successful as a pro golfer, those factors have to be handled with enhanced relaxation and enjoyment. I have known this all along, but the difference between knowing it in your conscious mind and subconscious mind equates to many strokes.

I have spent every day waking up and feeling the jubilation of winning; the roars of the crowd as the winning putt falls over the front edge of the hole; the tremendous fist pump I will throw to the gallery; the smiles I will give during my victory speech; a bank account with enough green to swim in. I've held onto those feelings as I go through my daily routine and it has yielded more fun and precision in practice and lower scores on the course. I posted 66 this week in a match; the lowest score I've posted in two months. My game is headed to a higher level. The last two months of trials have brought new appreciation for great play and less blame and guilt when that play is not present; I have more love for myself and my golf game. It may have seemed like a step back, but by the end of the year, this phase will have sent me three steps forward. I could not be more excited for the coming successes and I will love them one swing at a time.

Beginning next week, I play two consecutive events in Korea before coming home for July. I have to say, I am almost as excited to make a mouth-watering cheese burger on the grill and sleep on a non-bamboo comprised mattress, as anything else. Until I get to savor that juicy, sweet and fatty flavor, it is back to work. This time, I am armed with the ultimate weapon: the love of the game.

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