Sunday, June 15, 2008

Final Round

I finished off the tournament at even par 288 for a t-35 finish. I actually played well this week, but wasnt able to hit the shots in succession that led to the lowest score. I hit three wayward shots, all of which cost me double bogeys. Every hole on this course had out of bounds on the right side and out of bounds on the left. Any wayward shot left you with a two stroke penalty. I made one other double bogey after hitting a perfect shot, but misjudged the wind. Those four holes cost me minimally, 8 strokes (a difference of about $9k in the final distribution). I've got my solid shot outfit on and if I can find my scoring cap, I may put a matching outfit together this coming week. After a long day on the course, I had a crazy adventure that led me into the back seat of a Korean mobsters car. That is a story for tomorrow's blog. For now, I am safe and my golf game is improving.

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B.Konrad said...

Mark, I know what a competitor you are and that all you can think about is the score. But listen to your step dad. Keep up all your hard work, its going to pay off Mr. Top Gun.

Best up Luck for the next tourny