Friday, June 13, 2008

Round 3

I played solid golf for 14 holes today. I was -2 for the day and -6 for the tournament, had made it up around the top 15 and hadn't yet received my step dad's email that said, "just forget the score." I wanted to get myself in contention for the final round and as the south Korean heat beat down on my visor, I pushed myself...too hard. It was at this point where my ego began writing checks my mind and body weren't ready to cash and I played the last four holes in a disasterous +4. I left the course disappointed, feeling like I had just hit a concrete wall at full speed. Another lesson experienced the hard way. I'll take the feelings from the first 14 holes and my step dad's advice into tomorrow. A solid finish will give me some momentum to take into the next tournament.

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