Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Artistry in Seaforth

Among the last Canadian Tour events of the year is this week's Seaforth Economical Insurance Classic. The small farm town of Seaforth is 2 and 1/2 hours outside Toronto. Surrounded by meadows rich with corn stalks and cows, and barns with handwritten advertising saying "storage space available," the tournament isn't likely to attract deep rows of spectators or ESPN coverage.

The course is short with reachable par 4s and 5s and par 3s requiring only short irons. The greens are undulating and as receptive as metal counter tops; rock-hard. Last year, twenty-six under par won the tournament but veteran players are spreading the word that the greens were more forgiving then. Scores will be slightly higher this year.

This will be the final tune-up event before the Tour Championship next week. I'm staying with two pottery artists on a farm ten minutes away from the course. They mold clay into a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes. I plan to be an artist of sorts this week as well, shaping shorts of various lengths beautifully close to my targets. It should be a fitting match to a great week.

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