Saturday, December 15, 2007

One Break Will Not a Career Make

I've recieved some amazing words of encouragement from some great friends in the past few days about moving forward. What happend to me on the second hole in the second round of final stage was extreamly unfortunate and possibly unfair, but as one bit of encouragement went, " really bad break will not define a career. It all balances itself out in the end." So now I need to move forward with the knowledge that I am getting better and have improved my game and golf career since I have been in Asia. I just found out that I actually will be exempted into a few Asian Tour events this year based on my performance in stage 1. Maybe a 'lucky' break combine with some great play will have me winning one of those events.

It's time to get back on the horse and find a new road.

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James said...

Mark, I'm not sure where my last message went but wanted to say again how proud we all are of you. You're going to make it out there! Just keep working hard...keep looking ahead...and believe in your abilities. You have the talent to reach your goal(s)!

Happy holidays,