Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sorry for my lack of attention in the last week to my was an unfortunate matter of priorities. Long story synopsis is I contracted the southeast Asia hebbie jebbies and couldnt keep any food or water in my body for the entire week. That, combine with a high fever, didnt leave much energy for anything besides attempting to sleep.

Good news is I'm on the mend. Today was the first day out of bed and I made it out for a short practice session. I also got on the scale to find whatever was in my body, absconded with 20 pounds. I have a new 'trim' self. But hey, it's the Asian monk way..."when in Asia..."

Q-School starts this comming Wednesday and I am headed to the tourney site tomorrow. I'll get at least two good days of practice Monday and Tuesday and hopefully plenty of rest tomorrow so I can be ready for them.

As the comming week's days pass, I will keep the blog updated.

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Eric said...

There is a reason your nickname was Mono in college :). Keep us posted Marky B.