Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stage 1 Q-School Results

Tonight I am just too wiped out to go into much detail beyond saying that my scrambling ability allowed me to post a round of 68 today for a four round total of -16, 272 and first place position at the conclusion of Stage 1. Stage 2 starts this comming wednesday where I will battle for 1 of 40 tour cards that will be issued. has the final results of todays events in their fourth headline on the homepage.

132 players started at my stage on wednesday. The field was cut to 80 players after two rounds and 18 players advanced today to final stage.

I will write more tomorrow, thanks for all the support this week!!

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James said...

Congrats, Mark!! Great job. Good luck on Wednesday. Make sure everything you eat from now through the event is WELL cooked!!