Sunday, April 6, 2008

Round 3

Round 3: 71

69-73-71- 213

While I waited for the shuttle to the golf course ten minutes after its scheduled arrival time at 6:40 this morning, I grew concerned it may come very late . 15 minutes later, I got the impression it wouldn't be showing up at all and had to hail a cab for the thirty minute journey through the mountains. Like yesterday, I got to the course with just enough time to find my caddie and make it to the first tee before my name was called.

This is all part of the adjustment I am making to a professional golf in Asia. The travel can be difficult, the languages, food and cultures are extremely unique, the golf course styles and grass varies dramatically and in my case, scheduled transportation to the golf course shows up late or not at all. I always hold myself to high expectations on and off the course and have become overly frustrated with my results recently. Amid the shuffle of this morning's confusion though, I realized I have never dealt with all these factors before. It is important for me to be patient and have way more love for myself and this process as I learn to adjust.

I can't recall playing any tee or approach shots today that would be categorized as "good." Some were mediocre, while most were poor and put my chipping and putting to the test. Fortunately, my putter decided to be the hero and save my scorecard from the bowels of bogeyland. I'm in 26th going into tomorrow's final round and although it isn't an impressive position and I am not satisfied with my results, it is an improvement from my first tournament and with a good round tomorrow, I have a chance of moving into the top 10. I can take encouragement from performing at the mid-level of my ability and still having the chance to post a good finish. So I'll swing tomorrow towards better shots and come out one day more acclimated to the rigors of this new tour life.

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