Sunday, August 31, 2008

Begining Another Chapter

I was reminded today by a childhood icon's book (Mr. Rodgers), that you are never finished with anything. Anytime one story ends, another begins. This week, my hopes of contending for the Johnnie Walker Open ended on Friday evening. Friday evening was also when I began preparing for the following week's Heavenland Open. This weekend has been a great chance for some self-reflection and tireless practice. I felt positive going into the JW Open, but was not entirely comfortable with new short iron swings I've been working on. Thinking the pieces would come together at the perfect time, I employed them in competition and watched my shots soar (not so majestically) away from my targets. My devotion and commitment to these shots served as a fault on the first day. By the time day one was completed and I realized I needed to utilize more consistent shots and older techniques to shoot lower scores, I was too far behind the scoring curve.

But having a planned weekend suddenly open up gave me the opportunity to practice my new and old shots. As the weekend draws to a close and I am traveling to my next tournament site, I have already begun the next phase of the same journey, and this coming story's conclusion will have a more inspirational finale.

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