Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It is the night before the Heavenland Open starts. My comfort level and swing tweaks have progressed every day since I arrived in South Korea nearly two weeks ago. This will be my final event before PGA Tour Qualifying begins and has the potential to be my final event in Asia for the year. I'm playing this week with full intention to leave with a win, to go out in style. The golf course is called Heavenland and it is nearly as special a place as it's name indicates: set on top of a mountain, surrounded by waterfalls with multiple on-course locations from which one can look out and view the entire course.

Three holes, all par 5s, resemble bowling alleys: the most narrow holes I've ever played. The holes make players want to walk side-ways down the fairway, as if hugging a cliff wall on a ledge. I will stand over these shots and swing as freely as I can tomorrow. In my preshot routine I will remain hyper-focused on my bulls-eye in the fairway. I will see my ball flights carved out of the sky as if traced with a fine paintbrush. Then I will stand over my ball and swing with confidence and freedom.

It is going to be a successful week. When it draws to a close, I'll have a few more pounds of hardware to add to my luggage as I prepare for the next leg of my journey: taking on the PGA Tour.

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