Monday, September 15, 2008

PGA Q-School

Q-School is here. The most grueling test in a golfer's career.

It doesn't matter what's happend in the past. All that matters is with a few months of great play, my future can change dramatically. I can take the largest stride of my life towards creating my dream with 18 rounds of amazing golf. 4 of those rounds are played this week at Jennings Mill Country Club outside Atlanta. The course is challenging with many long par 4s and deep, bermuda grass rough waiting to pull player's shots down to the depths.

I've hit a new stride in the last two days here. My ball striking is very solid and I have acute control of my shots. I've put alto of effort into preparing around these greens and I know opportunities will transform into success this week.

My first round begins tomorrow at 9:50. You can follow the results at

I believe this week I wont make you scroll down from the top of the leaderboard.

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