Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Brick Wall

I am coming home for PGA Tour achieve the first major milestone of a life-long dream. My ball striking is continually improving and the US style of golf suits my game.

I unfortunately moved from the penthouse to the outhouse this week in a mere 27 holes to miss the cut. My putting let me down today. This is the first round I can ever remember where I have not made a single one putt. I finished at even par for two rounds and it appears I will be missing the weekend by a stroke or two.

I will be leaving Asian golf behind without a first place check. If I can make up for it by picking up a few on the US PGA Tour though, it will have been worth it.

A terminally ill professor at Carnegie Mellon said in his 'Last Lecture': "brick walls are placed in the way of dreams to weed out those who don't want them badly enough." I am going to keep climbing and pushing on those walls until I reach the other side, break through, or both.

See you at home.

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