Thursday, September 18, 2008

Early Q-School Heat

After three rounds, I sit inside the cut line with one round to play. I've hit many high quality shots, but uncharacteristically, have played the par 5s very poorly (out of the 12 I've played, I'm +5. In an average tournament, I might play par 5s -5 or better, a difference of 10 strokes.) Thus, I've left some work to do tomorrow. A solid round with minimal mistakes will have me advancing to the next phase of PGA Tour qualifying.

I made some great saves today to get my ball around the course in 72 stokes. Tomorrow I will try to get off to a quick start to give myself further breathing room. Should that not happen, I will focus my attention on staying relaxed and patient, utilizing tactical prowess, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

I have a bit more pressure to perform in the final round than I would have anticipated, but it will be perfect preparation for the next phase of this grueling qualifier that extends through December.

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