Monday, October 8, 2007


Ten days from seperate me from a flight across the world to Singapore. My game is building toward pureness; like Led's acoustics in the begining of 'Stairway to Heaven.' There are nothing but positives shining through in my performances as of late, and the upcomming chorus of my song is going to be pure bliss, pure, rock-solid success. Today, it occured to me that because success is contingent on engaged, nurishing preparation, setbacks in performance are attributed to poor preparation.
If I were a body builder, I would work a muscle group to exhaustion and give it recovery time, only to come back and push it slightly farther to discomfort before another recovery period. During that recovery period, I would break-down another muscle group. I am compartmentalizing. Practice that yields results in any field, requires this recovery period. This is how college courses are structured for an all-around, mentally enhancing experiance. Classes are conducted every other day for a specific subject and in between classes, you have hands on activities, namely homework, that engages different skills with the same subject.
This formula also applies to the golfer set on improving. Find a way to make yourself uncomfortable during every session; whether it be playing a money game, or trying to incorporate subtle changes into your positions, push yourself beyond that level and stop before that discomfort detracts from your excitment. If golf is wholistically enhancing bodybuilding, then bicep curls are hitting your least favorite shot off the tee, pectoral presses are the wedge shots you dont get close enough to the hole, shoulder raises are the sand shots that you cant get up and down and the leg workout is the 4 foot putt you miss all too often. Take this formula, and do bicep curls monday, leg workout on tuesday with a brief shoulder raise session following and pectoral presses supersetted with bicep curls on wednesday...etc and repeat. Take this preparation formula, make yourself uncomfortable, put your ass close to the fire, your ego on the line and improve yourself. You'll never make it to third base with one foot on second!

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