Friday, October 19, 2007


As you awake this morning, I am sitting in Hong Kong airport waiting to board a flight to Singapore. The 17 hour flight from New Hampshire consisted of two movies: Ocean's 13 and Evan Almighty, Christine teaching me Chinese and me dragging my tired body from the seat with 4 inches of leg room (poor lady in front of me didnt get any sleep), to the bathroom tightly quartered bathroom. I say this honestly, it was all worth it just to get the rush of excitement that surged through my body like a Yellowstone geyser when the plane came in to land in Hong Kong. The green South China Sea glisend in the orange sunset and the triangular shaped mountains towered over the runway. It was an awesome sight. It was foreshadowing of the beautiful experiance to come. Talk to you from Singapore. Over and out.

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