Friday, October 19, 2007

Barracks and Buddhists

After 2 days, including losing 12 hours for the time change, we finally made it into Singapore. We made it to our hostile at around 1am this moning and found sleeping in a room with 30 other people to be a pungent and overly quafable experiance (It was like sleeping in a hockey lockerroom following a hard fought game). After staring at the ceiling for 5 hours I awoke and took my first walk around. Passing a Buddhist Temple a man signaled me. He asked if I was a free thinker and proceeded to offer the Buddha incensce prayers. I followed. "When in Singapore..." None of the 10 or so others there, paid attention to the tall, white boy who looked like a five year old at her dance recital and forgot her routine and had to mimic her dance partners'. Sitting on pillows with burning incensce, we offered prayers for our families in the beautiful temple surrounded by ancient decor. I found my first moment of peace in 12 hours. My mind went blank after I made my offering and I welcomed it. I could have fallen asleep peacefully right there. Unfortunately, they didnt offer a nightly rate so I'm stuck in the barracks for now, another character building experiance. I'll take it on with a half-smile.

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