Monday, October 22, 2007

You cannot tee up your golf ball in Singapore for less than $150. Including taxi ride to and from the practice facility it becomes a very expensive proposition. After spending $50 to hit golf balls at a range today and then finding out I had to shell out $200 for a practice round before the Singapore Open qualifier, I made arrangements to travel for Batam, Indonesia by Ferry tomorrow morning. I will be there for two days of practice at a golf resort. For all the golf I want to play, plus a top notch resort room and transportation for two days it was less than $150. The experiance should top the red-light district hostle we have been bunking at for the last three nights where the minute you leave the place you get swarmed by escort girls looking for a few American bucks. I quickly realized why it was the only living accomodations in Singapore under $50.


Eric said...

I assume you took advantage of the escort service. I would expect nothing less.

Scott said...

Why do the greens look like bunkers in those pictures you posted?