Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Way of the Peaceful Warriors

When you take action everyday towards fulfilling a dream and do not recieve the end desired result, you are being tested. Be it fate, Universe or God, you are asked to make a decision in these moments of challenge. I failed to qualify for the Singapore Open and 100% believed I would for two months prior to competing. My preparation for that event started the moment my application was sent in through envisioning myself as being successful. My mind was quiet and positive; my body light and strong; my stride was purposeful and relaxed.

This continual challenge then becomes about moving forward with the quiet and positive,light and strong, purposeful and relaxed and adding the missing component by forgetting about the missing component. A short term memory becomes essential for success. I am not determined or defined by one score in southeast asia. My successful self is created by the perpetual persuit of obtaining all that my heart deems pure and meaningful.

Yesterday, after arriving in Kuala Lumpur where I am living for the comming month, I was walking toward the Petronas Towers (the largest twin-tower in the world) and was stopped by two monks who bowed to me on the side of the street. Their demeanor was peaceful and silent and in doing so, communicated more than any words they could have spoken that I would understand. It was a respect for me and all whose paths they crossed.

This inner harmony that they expressed had a fearlessness to it. Although you would never characterize it as a mentality that would lead you into a battle because of its tranquility, it is that same tranquility that makes it so dangerous for someone opposing it. An ability to stand up to all that deviated from the course of righteousness. It is a paradox worth exploring. Hence what is occuring all over southeast asia, currently Myanmmar. The Buddhists face death and torture, but stand up for peace with an ironclad fearlessness.

Although my endevours are not even close to being on that lifethreatening stage, that inner harmony I have been experiancing here in practice, in competition and witnessing in those interaction with true warriors, is going to be of use in all situations. "The Way of the Peaceful Warior," the "Lion Pacafist."

I'm going to continue to listen to my heart and practice this peaceful fearlessness.

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