Thursday, January 24, 2008

Korean Tour Qualy

I leave tomorrow for Johor Bharu, Malaysia for the Korean Tour Qualifier. The event gets underway this comming Tuesday and will consist of 72 holes, finishing on Friday. There will be somewhere between 100-140 players competing for 28 exempt cards. The top 8 finishers are exempt into 16 events with purses ranging from 300k to 600k.

I have been told the course is a resort-style course: short yardage with many hazards. A style of course that requires excellent course management and a hot putter. Fortunately, with the more experience I gain, my course management continues to improve and a good friend went out of his way to get me a putter that I am very confident in.

As is becoming common with me, I found a way to get sick prior to leaving for this event. I've spent the last two days getting over another stomach ailment, but I am feeling much better this evening and knowing my track record in tournaments following illnesses, this is more of a blessing than a setback.

I am very excited for the upcomming event. After 18 months of professional golf, I am begining to crave golf competition. Success at this level has an abundance of high-quality preparation behind it. The tournament is the determining moment of impecable living. It ultimately determines how effective your preparation time is, whether you are able to live completely in the moment and how much you believe in yourself. The end result is a score reflecting your ability to find the perfect balance of each element at the right time. After a month and a half of being away from tournament play, I am looking forward to getting back into the tournament areana.

Lots of success and excitement ahead.

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