Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Swing vs Mind

A typical round of golf is supposed to take 4 hours, 5 if you are playing in a tournament and maybe 3 if your trying to beat imminent darkness. A golf swing takes around 1.5 seconds and the average golfer shoots 90. So the average golfer swings a golf club for just over 2 minutes during a golf outing. Therefore, which is more accountable for the success or failures of the golfer: the 2 minutes and chance when the player physically swings, or the remaining 3 hours and 58 minutes that the golfer "plays?"

The entire week prior to first stage of Asian Tour School, where I shot -16 on a course measuring nearly 7500 yards, I spent sick in bed and unable to keep any substanance in my body. I had two practice days to get my physical swing prepared for the rigors of Q-School golf. During my sick time, I prepared in the only way I could: through visualizing myself as strong, relaxed and healthy, hitting perfect golf shots and making birdies on my favorite holes. That tournament was the best ball striking week of my life and I did it without having hit more than 3 buckets of range balls for a week and a half and having lost 15 pounds.

If you are sitting in a winter wonderland reading this, consider these two paragraphs and how they can enhance your 2008 experience.

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Eric said...

It's all about the visualization. We are both veterans at that.