Thursday, January 31, 2008

Round 3

The scrambling continued in round 3 as did the difficult conditions. The greens have burnt out from all the extreamly hot weather and wind, making them mini-golfesque. I played a strong back nine to grind my way back to a score of 73. I currently stand in 19th place, 3 strokes outside the top 8 and 2 strokes inside the tour card cut line, heading into the final round. Players inside the top 8 are exempt into 16 events and players inside the top 28 receive exemptions into 10.

Although I have not played well for three rounds, I feel I am exactly where I need to be. If I had of shot three consecutive rounds of 68, I would be gauranteed exemptions, but I wouldnt have to go earn it under the final day pressure. The comming experience of playing for a tour card under the gun will be better for my development than if tomorrow was just a stroll around the course. Tomorrow will be an exciting round and a chance for me to demonstrate how far I have matured since turning professional.

Great news to come...stay tuned.

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