Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Long Round

I teed off at 10:40 am for round 3 of the Canadian Tour Player's Cup and tapped in for 69 at 8:52 pm. With a 5 hour severe weather delay, I spent more than half the day waiting to get back on the course. Through 4 holes, I was cruising at -2 and had a great chance for birdie on 5. Then the suspension horn blew following loud thunder rumbles in the distance. It would be another 5 hours before I could hit my shot at the 5th.

At the end of a three week stretch of hard work and competition, day 3 proved to be exhausting. I had many chances to "take it deep" today (shoot low scores), but squandered them with avoidable mistakes.

With all the rain and difficult pin positions, very few of my competitors "took it deep," and I actually advanced my standing to 25th place today at -2 for the tournament. If I can maintain my focus for one final round tomorrow and capitalize on all the opportunities that come my way, it will be a very special week resulting in a top finish.

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B.Konrad said...

Saw that you made through the round, while other didnt with the weather being bad. That def makes for a long day, but at least you didnt have to finish up 8 holes Sunday morning and then play another full round.

Either way its a new day so good luck. Keep up the good play and focus. Also, thanks for the updates on your blog. I look forward into getting a little more insight then just your scorecard from

take care Bill