Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Evil Round 4 Monster

A disastrous 78 today.

Until I learn how to defeat the evil round 4 monster that I transform into on the final day of competition, I will never succeed consistently as a pro golfer. Day 4 has been my nemesis since I turned pro. I haven't fully acknowledged it until now, and maybe that is one of the issues. Instead of advancing from the top 25 into top 20 or 15, I fall off the map on the final day: from a profitable professional golfer, I transform into a useless hacker. It was very costly in Asia and it has been thus far on the Canadian Tour.

The same swing, rhythm, energy and feel troubles inevitably show up on day 4 and I continue to react the same. It is the very definition of insanity. I have become a very solid, competitive three round professional golfer. Unfortunately, pro golf requires 4 cumulative rounds of competition. I need to prepare and train my energy levels, swing and feel for day 4 if I expect to reach my potential.

In the last three weeks, I've made all three cuts, finished 12th shooting -17 and secured my Canadian Tour card for next year. The final round of 2/3 events have cost me thousands of dollars however and just making cuts is no longer an acceptable measure of success.

Like I wrote two weeks ago, I need to continue to set myself up for success through the first 3 rounds of tournaments and be more prepared for final rounds with a new game plan and better preparation during off weeks.

There are lots of great things to take away from the past three weeks on the Canadian Tour, but the most important is to learn from the round 4 failures to succeed in future events.

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