Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Cause You Had a Bad Day..."

...The Daniel Powder song was the theme music to today's story. There isn't much I can say about today's round. I made two bad swings early playing aggressive approach shots that led to double bogies. After "steadying the ship" with two pars and a birdie, I made a poor driver swing and lost a ball on the 18th (my 9th). I spent the entire front nine trying to battle back, but the birdie attempts never came to rest in the bottom of the cup. It was a tough day and the only thing I can do to change my score of 78 today, is play the best golf of my life tomorrow. If I can play one of my all-time best rounds of golf and I get just a little help from the field, there is a chance I could play the weekend. If I can make this happen, tomorrow's theme will be Tina Turner's "Simply the Best."

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ryan said...

Great attitude Mark! Keep up the good work, I love following you online and really enjoy reading your journal.
Tom Carr