Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finals Round Paves Way for Fresh Start

Bad day. I began with two tough breaks. I was stymied up against two trees in my first three holes. This wasn't so much a result of bad swings as it was being unprepared for four rounds of competition in Mexican heat. I haven't played four competitive rounds consecutively since I last played in Asia in 2008. I just didn't prepare myself properly and was fatigued going into the final round.

While I finished the event at +2 and played my last 20 holes in +7, there were some good things that I can take away. Firstly, making the cut this week improves my tour ranking order, giving me entry into the first Canadian Tour event in Canada, the $250k Times Colonist Open in Victoria next month. Secondly, I made the cut in my first Canadian Tour event despite my game not being in top form. Thirdly, I was able to play four consecutive tournament rounds for the first time in over 18 months. This will help me be prepared for the coming tournament week.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the second event on the tour schedule. While I am disappointed in my finish this week, I am going to use the positive characteristics of the week to help propel my coming week of competition.

My caddie Sergio said to me this morning, "Last two holes yesterday, very bad Senor." I responded, "We're moving on with today." On a bit larger scale, this event is over and it is time to get focused on the new opportunity the coming week presents.

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